Auto Attendant

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Automated Calls Distribution (ACD) Queues

Efficiently Manage Call Center Peaks With Automatic Call Distribution.

Calls History, Recordings and Search Filters

Record Conversations For Quality, Training And Record Keeping Purpose.

Fax Over IP

No Need To Keep Physical Fax Machines For Receiving Or Sending Faxes Messages.

Time Based Routing
Control Your Calls During Different Hours Of The Day, Holidays And After Hours
Voicemails to Email

Stay Connected Even If You Cannot Take A Call.

Conference Calling

Allow Multi-Party Conferences Between Employees And Clients.

Call Forwarding and Mobility

Stay Connected With Your Customers Irrespective Of Where Your Employees Are.

Customised Music On Hold

Keep Your Callers Happy And Engaged While On Hold.

Number Porting and Instant Phone Number Setup

Get Phone Numbers That Are Smart, Instant And Inexpensive.

Real-time Charts, Reports and Dashboards

Who Is On A Call and With Whom

Online Web Based Administration

Get Control of Your Business- Anytime,Anywhere.


Hosted Business PBX – Scalable, Flexible and Reliable

  • Low call costs
  • Unlimited concurrent calls
  • No setup fee
  • No on-site equipment
  • Local Australian support

Business Cloud based IP pbx Australia

Jingl - Hosted PBX is a sophisticated, high-definition voice & unified communication platform with all the functionality of a traditional phone system and collaborative communication with a host of additional features, minus the hassle & expense.

Choosing a cloud-based solution doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the features and flexibility of a full-scale UC solution. With Jingl Cloud hosted PBX, you get a full contact centre, mobility, call control, and collaboration tools included with every user - for the same price. Jingl – voice in the cloud is the hosted phone service solution that delivers the customer experience your business demands, at a price point you can afford.

All Features Included for Every User:

  • Unlimited Concurrent Calls
  • Deploy Across Multiple Site Offices
  • Free Jingl to Jingl Calls
  • Mobility
  • Flexible Auto Attendant
  • Conference Bridges
  • Customised Music on Hold
  • Simultaneous Ringing
  • Customised Greeting Messages
  • Hunt Groups
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Call Recording – listen, download or email
  • Call Forwarding (default, busy or no-answer)
  • Call Records History and Filtering
  • Fax over IP – send and receive both
  • Caller ID Presentation
  • Extension Monitoring and Status View
  • Custom IVRs
  • Call Queues – No more Busy Tones
  • Time Based Routing
  • Real-time charts & reports
  • Agent Management and Supervision
  • Calls Supervision – Barge-in, Whisper or Silent
  • Queue Position and Wait Time Announcements
  • Web Based Administration Panel
  • Queues Status Wallboards
  • International calls blocking
  • Click2Call Integration
  • Auto provisioning of IP Tel handsets
  • Call Park and Pick-up
  • Pre and Post-Paid Account Setup
  • Paging
  • Billing Alerts (auto top-up, balance alerts)
  • SMS Integration
  • Detailed Transaction and Usage Summary
  • Number Management
  • Fax over IP
  • Number Porting – Bring your number along

A Phone System that Grows with You

Using Jingl Hosted PBX and Contact Centre system ensures that your company doesn’t get stuck with any expensive legacy phone service, hardware investment or any long term contracts that can’t keep up with your growth and needs. Jingl hosted PBX and Contact Centre system is a fully elastic and self-serviced product which grows as your business expands.

Plans Cloud Based Phone System Grow Melbourne

Single Phone System With Many Possibilities

A single logical phone solution integrating multiple sites as a single setup

Hosted Telephony PBX Service Single Phone System With Many Possibilities in Australia

Save Valuable Time and Resources

Take the burden of your phone service administration, configuration and setup away from your IT staff and focus only on your business growth. Jingl Cloud hosted PBX handles all the updates and maintenance so your system is always up to date with the latest features and functionality.

Cloud Based Phone System Melbourne - Save Valuable Time and Resources

Sounds Better Than a Traditional

Aside from creating a more efficient and cost effective business, here are somr other reasons why you will love Jingl Hosted PBX system. Best of all they can all be controlled and managed from centralised Member’s portal and it is all self-serviced.

We have one of the highest quality voice networks in Australia, which allows us to provide our customers with guaranteed call quality. We guarantee that your calls will sound better than those made over a traditional PBX system.

Our premium network enables quality control and make sure that we deliver a reliable and quality service to our end customers

  • 99.95% availability SLA
  • 24x7 monitoring with pro-active support
  • Phone and e-mail Australian based technical support
  • Qualified, experienced voice and network technicians on hand
  • Redundant service setup from our Melbourne based geographically dispersed Data Centres
voice networks in Australia

Preconfigured and Ready to Plug-n-Play

Simply Connect and Start Communicating

Jingl partners with some of the world's top data And telephony equipment providers to bring you complete systems and end-to-end support, for your office or call centre.

complete system and end-to-end support

Jingl hosted PBX offers wide range of certified handsets

Explore our Certified Handsets

Number Portability (Existing) and New Numbers (Acquisition)

Bring your business numbers with you

Jingl customer services team will do all the number porting for you and would make sure that there is no service interruption and minimum lead time to port your existing numbers over to Jingl Hosted PBX service.

Jingl platform also maintains pools of 13, 1300, 1800 and regional phone numbers which can be configured and setup in less than a minute. Numbers can be acquired from any of the following regions as single, block of 10s or block of 100s :

Adelaide Brisbane Canberra Darwin
Hobart Melbourne Perth Sydney

If you have a number that you want to bring with you, that's fine by us.
Just let our sales staff know and they will take care of it.

No Hidden Charges – All What You Pay Is What You Use

Explore our Plans

Auto Attendant

An Auto Attendant serves as an automated receptionist that answers the phone and provides a personalised message to callers. Callers have the option to connect to the operator, dial by extension, or connect to configurable extensions.

An Auto Attendant can be used in a standalone or multilevel configuration. For a standalone configuration, the service can transfer calls to another number, access extension dialling or connect to the operator. For a multilevel configuration, one auto attendant functions as the top-level (entry) service. From this level, other auto attendants function at the departmental level. Finally, additional auto attendants can function at the individual user level. Phone numbers in the dialling menu on an upper level lead to the phone numbers for auto attendants at the next level down.


There is an inbuilt system parameter to prevent the infinite Auto Attendant redirection loop (One Auto Attendant to another Auto Attendant) and further setting Timeout Interval and Timeout Attempts.

By using JINGL you can setup your business Auto-Attendants in the cloud and be able to manage and configure as part of this hosted VoIP PBX and contact centre service. Your callers are answered professionally and are directed to their desired department or individual, allowing you to give them the service they require.

You can personalise the auto attendant service to fit your business needs:

  • Make your business appear larger and more professional
  • Reduce the amount of unanswered calls
  • Saves you spending money on additional labour costs


Record the prompts yourself or get the professionals

You can record your auto attendant greetings yourself and change them any time, or you can upload professionally recorded files. All of your auto attendant prompts are stored in the hosted platform of IP PBX and contact centre service and can be changed or replaced by using web interface tools.


Caller options at the auto attendant
  • Dial any local extension
  • Dial any remote extension
  • Divert the calls to external numbers
  • Divert calls to internal extensions
  • Divert calls to ring or hunt groups
  • Divert calls to automated calls distribution queues (ACD Queues)
  • Divert calls to conference rooms
  • Divert calls to another auto attendant service
  • Jump to another auto attendant
  • Listen to announcements as special service

Calls can be diverted to different end points based on different time rules. Using this hosted PBX and contact centre platform, you can manage multiple auto attendants for different distributed and remote offices. From one common interface you can set-up different Business Hours and different After Hours, or even different set of holidays for different states/offices and accordingly route the calls the way you want.

Call Records, Recording and Search Filters

Simply record, retrieve and review all your important phone calls at anytime, anywhere you are. There's no hardware or software to install; it’s all a part of the hosted PBX and contact centre service that sits in a fully-secured private cloud. You can customise call recording at extension or number setup levels.

Call recording and keeping records is very important for most of businesses. JINGL business telephone service offers a fully customisable and easy to configure call recording component as part of their service delivery. There is no need to set-up any sort of on-premises equipment. Everything sits in the cloud and is delivered as software as a service (SaaS).


Call recordings can be played online, also can be downloaded or emailed out to a given email address.

All call records can be reported by applying multiple searching filters, such as:

  • Date range filters
  • Day of the week filters
  • Time of day (morning, afternoon or even custom time range)
  • Calls by duration
  • Call types
  • Call outcome
  • Notes field


Call Queues (Automatic Call Distribution Queues), Ring Groups and Hunt Groups

Don’t let your call centre or help desk get bogged down with an influx of calls. Promptly and professionally answer enquiries and deliver exceptional customer service with JINGL's Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) system.

ACD queues (Automatic Call Distribution queues) allow your company's representatives to handle calls one at a time while new callers wait in line for the next available agent. Automated calls distribution queues (ACD Queues) are great for businesses that experience a high volume of customer calls, as they allow your representatives to effectively deal with each incoming call without losing other callers to busy signals or unanswered phones.

Your representatives, or agents, who want to handle incoming calls from the queue must log-in to the queue in order to begin receiving calls. When your agents have finished for the day, or no longer wish to continue receiving calls from the queue they can log out of the queue. Logging-in and out of the queue is done by dialling the queue's login extension.


ACD Queues (automatic call distribution queues) are fairly easy to set-up and use and have the following key configurations that can be managed using the web based interface of our hosted PBX and contact centre system.


Greeting Prompt and Music on Hold : You can upload a greeting prompt or record over the phone, and also select music-on-hold to play back to the callers after a call is answered by the system queue.

Call Ring Strategy : This determines the manner in which your agents will be delivered calls from the queue. Our hosted PBX and contact centre service offers the following ringing strategies.

1.Round-Robin Memory
Each agent is rung in succession beginning with the last agent succeeding the last agent to answer a call.

2.Least Recent
Calls goes to the agent who was least recent to answer the call.

3.Fewest Calls
Calls goes to the agent who has answered fewest number of calls on the day.

4.Ring all
Rings all agents simultaneously.

Randomly selects agents to send the next call to.

Announce Approximate Wait Time: When set to 'yes', callers will listen a prompt with approximate wait time before their call will be answered by the agent.

Announce Position in the Queue: When set to 'yes', callers will listen a prompt with their position in the queue.

Announcements Frequency: Is the interval at which to play announcement status updates to the callers in queue. This is only applicable when the 'Announce Hold Time' is set to 'yes' and time interval is selected.


Caller Timeout: Is the maximum amount of time you would like any caller to stay in queue before being automatically routed to the timeout destination.

Timeout Action: This is to select the call diversion answer point to which timed-out callers will be automatically routed to. Also, if no agents happen to be logged into the queue then this again serves as a failover destination.

Agent Wrap-Up Time: This value when set will be sure that the agent does not begin receiving new calls from the queue for this amount of time. If agents require a few moments to record notes or other final tasks then this value is useful.


  • Answer calls in the order that they are received. Route them to available agents based on who has been idle the longest, or by using a top-to-bottom or round robin approach.
  • Distribute calls beyond the contact centre. Automatic Call Distribution Queues (ACD Queues) may include agents working from home or other remote locations.
  • Integrate on-hold music and announcements while callers wait for the next available agent.
  • Set overflow actions to be taken if calls have been waiting for too long.
  • View real-time status of all calls being managed by your automated calls distribution queues (ACD Queues).
  • Route incoming calls between agents and automatic calls distribution queues (ACD Queues) for the most efficient response times.
  • Play approximate wait time and position in the ACD Queue.
  • Play interval promotion prompts.
  • Supervise calls by participating as barge-in, whisper mode to agent or mute.

Calls can be distributed using any of the following strategies:

  • Ring all
  • Round robin with memory
  • Least recent
  • Fewest calls
  • Random

Ring/Hunt Groups provide a simpler form of ACD without having to set up and manage queues.

Sequential Hunt Group

Call comes to 'A', if not answered goes to 'B' and then to 'C'. This is ideal situation when we want 'A' to answer all calls and 'B' and 'C' are escalations / backup.


Ring Group

Call comes to 'A', 'B' and 'C' at the same time. Whoever picks up first gets the call.


Fax Over IP

JINGL’s hosted fax service is an increasingly popular solution to the need to integrate facsimile communications into business systems.

Our hosted PBX service provides both inbound (fax to email) and outbound (email to fax) services to allow our customers to experience fully-featured hosted fax service as part of their business telephone system setup.

Faxes remain a popular form of communication, despite the obvious growth in email usage, and JINGL's hosted fax services provide a number of business benefits including:

Reduced Cost

Eliminate line rental, toner and paper costs, wasted staff time, electricity, equipment costs and more.

Reduce Waste

By not printing and duplicating every fax received there is less impact on the environment.

Improved Efficiency

Faxes are received quickly and can be routed by email to the correct person or area in seconds.

Conference Calling

Conference rooms are a very useful feature to have as part of a business telephone service. You can do conference calling by simply creating conference bridges using this hosted VoIP PBX and contact centre platform and get a full scale conference room feature. It allows callers to dial-in through any internal or external number, and includes features like security PIN set-up and recipient entering and leaving announcements.


Conference rooms can be configured using the web-based interface. They can be configured to have a secured PIN to enter the conference rooms and also the announcements of the participant’s names upon entering or leaving the conferences. This is a very useful feature for any business to have as part of their business telephone service. There are no hassles to maintain or run this service as everything sits in the cloud and is delivered as part of the hosted PBX and contact centre service running over voice over IP (VoIP) which produces high voice quality and reliable service delivery

Call Forwarding and Mobility

JINGL allows you and your employees to stay connected whether on the road, at home or anywhere they are. With call forwarding, you and your employees can be reached on virtually any telephone in the world whether on your mobile, in the office, or at home. Worldwide call forwarding from JINGL keeps you connected, so you have the freedom to work from anywhere.

Call forwarding can be configured as an action item or default behaviour but setting direct call forward of all the calls landing on any particular extension, auto-attendant selection, queue time-out of at number is done at the configuration level.

The same behaviours are available for ‘busy line’ and ‘ring - no answer’.

You can also set-up your business telephone handset extensions on to your smart phones, iPads and laptops/desktops.
Our hosted PBX and contact centre service is certified with quite a few softphones which can be easily installed and configured on your smart devices.

All of these settings can be configured simply by using the web admin panel of this hosted PBX and contact centre service.


Time Based Routing

Using our hosted PBX and contact centre service time based routing, you can manage your business hours and after hours for different distributed offices in different multiple location. You can configure your business telephone service behaviour to work differently in different locations based on their local public holidays, working hours, lunch breaks or any other additional rules.


  • Direct calls with a pre defined plan based upon the time or date
  • We give you a flexible way to handle your calls whether your business is open or closed
  • Set your own business hour and after hour times
  • Pre plan for weekend and bank holiday call handling
  • Change routing times if your circumstances change

As an example, calls can be set to be routed to a main number between 9 Am and 5 Pm Monday to Friday and then to a hunt group, mobile or voicemail outside of these hours.


Voicemail can be configured for every extension of your business telephone system end point handsets. You can stay connected even when you can't take a call. Our hosted PBX and contact centre service delivers messages to multiple email addresses in MP3 format.

Using the web interface of our hosted PBX service, you can set-up greeting prompts and also different key press options to route your calls to different end points.

When callers leave a message for you on your voicemail service, the message will be sent to your email account as an attached file. Playing the message is just like opening any other attachment.

Customised Music On Hold

Using JINGL, you can keep your callers happy and engaged while on hold. You can choose from several available music selections that are available on our hosted PBX and contact centre service or upload your own custom Music-on-Hold prompt on to our hosted VoIP environment. You can change the on-hold music - through the hosted PBX and contact centre service website - to play appropriate messages during holiday periods or to announce special deals and new products, etc.

Number Porting and Instant Phone Number Setup

With this hosted PBX and contact centre platform, you can get a virtual phone number from any state in Australia. JINGL provides all standard fixed line numbers and also 13/1300 or 1800 numbers. Fixed line numbers are offered as in single, blocks of 10 or blocks of 100.

Number setup is instant, just a click away. Simply browse through the list of numbers, make a selection and add them to your hosted PBX account for immediate use.

JINGL also provides complete end-to-end assistance to port your existing business numbers to JINGL. Apart from number porting, JINGL also maintains a pool of 13, 1300, 1800 and other regional numbers.

Regions that are maintained in JINGL number pools are :

1. Adelaide 2. Gold Coast
3. Albury 4. Hobart
5. Sunshine Coast 6. Melbourne
7. Lismore 8. Newcastle
9. Brisbane 10. Perth
11. Cairns 12. Cairns
13. Canberra 14. Townsville
15. Darwin 16. Darwin
17. Geelong

Real time calls and queues status

This hosted PBX and contact centre service offers real-time dashboard, extensions status view and wall boards to monitor automated calls distribution queues status, agent status, handset extension status and also system usage graphs and charts.


Service dashboard presents multiple charts on hosted PBX and contact centre service usage that includes calls outcome, handset extension usage, calls destination types, peak hours of system usage, system resource.


Handsets Status page shows the present state of all handsets, such as:
  • Idle - handset Idle registered and available to made/receive calls
  • Not Registered - handset not registered, hence not available to make / receive any calls
  • Dialling - status changes to ‘dialling 025487xxxx’ soon after handset is dialling out
  • Connected - status changes from ‘dialling’ to ‘connected to 024587xxxx for xx mins, xx secs

Automated Calls Distribution Queues (ACD Queues) status can be monitored using the hosted PBX and contact centre service wallboard where a real-time view of calls and agents is available. The wallboard presents the count of calls handled, abandoned, total calls waiting in the queue, current wait time, average wait time, available number of agents, agents in pause state or unavailable, longest call of the day and also the shortest call of the day. It also presents the real-time status of all the logged in agents and their calls status.

Real-time coaching of agents on calls is also available and can be done using any of three modes:

  • Call barge-in - to participate in queue calls as a conference
  • Call coach - to be able to talk to agent only
  • Call monitor - to listen to the conversation

Online Administration

This hosted PBX and contact centre service platform comes with complete online control of your phone service configuration, control and management. It’s extremely easy to set-up your account, view call reports, dashboard, manage extensions, setup numbers, configure auto attendants, view call recordings, forward calls, setup automated calls distribution queues (ACD Queues), manage time groups, set-up conference rooms, manage agents and much more.

Changes that you make online are applied instantly so your phone service will always keep up with your growing business.