Testimonials - What the customers are saying
North Queesnsland X-Ray Services & Territory X-Ray Services

Improving business communication and continuity with a cost effective cloud based telephony solution.
Jingl (jingl.com.au) is a fully cloud hosted, easily configurable and feature rich communications system.
Jingl is an Australian designed, developed and managed Unified Communications CLOUD solution.

The following is a testimonial recently received from North Queensland X-Ray Services & Territory X-Ray Services:

North Queensland X-Rays has 7 sites and is still growing. We needed to find a suitable and reliable telephony system that could provide the following features;

1) Firstly, it needed to provide a cost benefit and be user friendly.
2) We really needed something that could grow with us, so a scalable solution that was quick, easy and efficient to implement.
3) Provided high end features such as Auto Attendant, ACD Queues, Voice Mail, Mobility, Agent Management and even Faxing.
4) We also needed to ensure suitable connection and communication to all our sites and to mobile numbers whilst still ensuring      call costs were not extravagant.

We found that Jingl solved all our requirements. Not only that, it is Australian designed, developed and managed which suits us fine because we are supporting Australian innovation.
The other added bonus was that Jingl is a cloud based Unified communications system so we did not have the expense and hassle with an onsite PBX.

We have found it so easy to alter or add handsets or set up hunt groups or any other requirements we need. We get to manage that through our browser with no need for technicians to attend site, and no need to worry about purchasing upgrades or having the need for ongoing maintenance.
If we need help it is as simple as calling the jingl help line or e-mailing. Because support is Australian based, we know we don’t have to worry about time differences.

As we expand, we can simply organise handsets and telephone numbers or, porting existing numbers.
Our staff are happy and efficient, we are NBN ready and more than happy with our move to Jingl as our telephony system.

North Queensland X–Ray is proud to use Jingl and is happy to recommend Jingl to other organisations.

Jeff Bellamy
IT Manager
North Queensland X-ray Services & Territory X-ray Services