Security at each level

We know that the security of your data is crucial and we treat the security of any data contained within your account as a top priority. Every aspect of JINGL is designed to be secure at all levels, to only allow access to the registered users on your account. We are completely committed to all aspects of security and work to make our hosted service as secure as having a server within your own premises.

Application and Data Security

Users can access their JINGL account only with a valid username and password. If a user chooses to have JINGL remember their login, user sessions are stored in an encrypted cookie locked to that machine which does not reveal any login information. The application architecture follows all best practices to ensure users only have access to information to which they are given permission. A security model is enforced at every level of the application to prevent a user of another account from accessing your information. JINGL employees do not have direct access to data stored on the JINGL servers, except where necessary for system maintenance and backups.

Server Security and Data Backups

The servers are hosted at a managed data centre which has 24-hour physical security and highly controlled server access, as well as redundant power and network systems. The servers have firewall protection and intrusion detection systems, and have a minimal number of access points. We follow all best practices in server security and maintenance to ensure no outside intruders gain access. Ongoing data replication stores your data across multiple physical sites to ensure no loss of your critical business information.

User Connection Security

When accessing your account via a web browser, a 2048 bit secure SSL certificate is always used. This encrypted communication is both secure and private.

Contact Information

If users have any questions or suggestions regarding our security policy, please feel free to contact our friendly customer support team on 1300 0 54645 or alternatively write us an email on